My best folds!

Warning, rated O (origami),lots of origami in this post.

Here we go, first I have all my Clone Wars puppets(from left to right) i do not know what this is, Darth Malgus, R2-KT, Savage Opress(two of them), Kit Fisto, Saesee Tiin and Asajj Ventress.
But I have to tip my hat to Tyler, Zach, Xavier, and Captain Origami that designed these very neat puppets.
Then we have a lot of Ewoks.
Then we have tons of clones, and me as a clone and at last, Bat-Clone! Clone by day Bat Man by night!  A big thanks to Zod (here is the link!
IMG_2778  IMG_2784IMG_2790  IMG_2797
Then I made just some really cool Star Wars stuff.
Then I made(most of) the cover stars!
And finally here is me and my sister with Tom Angleberger!



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