Blueberry Pie Day

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May the folds be with you!

Let's Celebrate!

We made a blueberry pie!  Two blueberry pies, to be exact.

Tuesday marked Blueberry Pie Day, a day that has previously passed by completely unnoticed on our calendars.  But, this year we decided to celebrate properly, and we were oh-so-glad that we did!

We started with Pillsbury pie crusts… because frankly, that’s how we roll.  Last summer we had gone blueberry picking, and we still had a couple bags of our fresh-picked berries tucked away in the freezer.  This seemed like a worthwhile project for pulling them out.  Then we mixed up a bunch of blueberry gooey-ness with the help of this recipe.


I had planned to just top the mixture with the second crust, cut slits in it and call it a pie.  But the lattice top in the pictures looked so delightful that we decided to give it a try.

IMG_4664My daughter enjoyed the top crusts…

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