Let the games begin!

Welcome to day one of Dragon Wars!

The matchup for today is the Antipodean Opaleye VS the Peruvian Vipertooth!
Facts about the Opaleye:
It is maybe the most beautiful of dragons,
And it is one of the least aggressive.
Facts about the Vipertooth:
It is the smallest of all dragons,
It can’t breathe fire,
But it does like to eat humans.

Good luck, don’t vote twice, or I will send Smaug after you!

(Voting is done, thank you!)

Winner of round one is the Peruvian Vipertooth!

Antipodean Opaleye = 2

Peruvian Vipertooth = 3

Bracket of the dragons, I will update it when the first round is over.
May the folds be with you!
P.S.Not sure if my family is going camping or not…
P.P.S. I knocked out the Common Welsh Green and the Romaninan Longhorn to get the poll down to eight.


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