The tournament begins!

Welcome to the first round of Mighty Monsters!
The first match-up is the Hydra vs the Chimera!
Facts about the Hydra,
The hydra has poisonous breath,
It’s blood is so poisonous that Heracles put it on the tips of his arrows,
And every time you cut off one of its seven heads, it grows two more!
Facts about the Chimera,
It has the head, front legs, and body of a lion,
The head of a goat,(On its side)(And did I say that the goat head breathes fire?)
Back legs of a dragon, and a snake coming out of its behind,

(Voting is done, thank you!)

Winner is the Hydra!

Hydra = 4

Chimera = 2

This is gonna be so hard to choose who to vote for, so choose wisely!
May the folds be with you!



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