Match 2!

Welcome to the second match of Mighty Monsters!
The winner of match 1 is the Hydra!
The second match-up is the Amphisbaena VS the Roc!
Facts about the Amphisbaena,
It is super venomous,
Most of the time, it does not have wings or legs,
But sometimes it is called a hoop snake, because people depict it as biting its own behind!
Facts about the Roc,
It is depicted as a giant eagle most of the time,
It is so strong, that it can pick up baby elephants!

(Voting is done, thank you!)

Winner is the Roc!

Amphisbaena = 1

Roc = 3

Remember, whoever wins will be up against the Hydra, so choose wisely!
May the folds be with you!



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