Match 3!

Welcome to the third match of Mighty Monsters!
The winner of match 2 is the Roc!

The third match-up is the Cockatrice VS the Manticore!
Facts about the Cockatrice,
It is a giant rooster that can fly with a long whip-like tail,
If it looks at you, it will paralyze you!
Facts about the Manticore,
It has the head of a man(most of the time), the body of a lion, and the tail of a scorpion,
It is in both the Sea of Monsters Percy Jackson movie(seen here)
latest-copy-2 and the third Percy Jackson book, Titan’s Curse,
And if the scorpion tail stings you, it will kill you!

(Voting is done, thank you!

Winner is the Cockatrice!

Cockatrice = 2

Manticore = 1

May the folds be with you!



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