Match 4!

Welcome to the fourth match of Mighty Monsters!
The winner of match 3 is the Cockatrice!

The fourth match-up is the Hippogriff VS the Basalisk!
Facts about the Hippogriff,
It is seen in the Harry Potter film, The Prisoner of Azkaban, as Buckbeak,(Seen here)
They have the head, front legs, front half, and wings of an eagle, and the back half of a horse,
Way to befriend one: Bow to it, if it returns the bow, then you are okay to pet him.
Facts about the Basalisk,
It is also seen in a Harry Potter movie, The Chamber of Secrets,(No, I did not plan this match)
If you look at it, it will paralyze you,(!)
And if that’s not enough, it has venomous fangs!

Remember, whoever wins will be up against the Cockatrice, so choose wisely!
May the folds be with you!


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